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Automobile engineering

ABOUT AutoMobile

     Department of Automobile Engineering is started at 2009 . Automotive or Automobile Engineering is a branch of engineering discipline which studies the operating principles of the automobiles by incorporating various elements of engineering such as a mechanical, electronic, electrical, software and safety engineering. The study of automotive engineering is to design, develop, and test vehicles or vehicle components. Designing, development, manufacturing and service of vehicles are the major functions in this field.

     Design engineering focuses on design components, testing of parts, coordinating tests and system of a car. Development domain is concerned with the creation and assembling the whole parts of automobiles. Manufacturing involves production of components and vehicles which utilizes most modern machines, equipments and tools. It also involves servicing the vehicles for its better performance after sales. We are committed to nurture our students with interdisciplinary knowledge required, with attitude.


To develop globally competent Automobile Engineers with multidisciplinary skills for serving better to the industry with social and moral values.


M1:To provide a learning environment that helps to acquire basic and interdisciplinary knowledge.

M2:To develop technical skills and ability to handle modern tools and equipments used in industry.

M3:To create an ambiance that inculcates ethical values and leadership skills.